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    Unanswered: Help: Need to Edit Multirecord disconnected ADO recordsets

    I'm using MS Access 2002 as front end to MS SQL Server 2000 database. I want to handle all interactions through stored procedures but edit data using MS Access forms. Single-record forms allow me to edit values in disconnected recordsets, but continuous or datasheet forms don't. Using single-record forms I create the recordset and loop through the fields collection assigning the values to the appropriate fields in the form. I update the values no problem.

    Is there a similar thing I can do for continuous forms or datasheets for the multi-record datasets? For these I set the forms recordset property to the disconnected ADO recordset. I am able to addnew and display the values from the code, but not update the values on the form. There is a work-around where I use a hidden single-record form to add values, but I would rather not go this route. Any suggestions?

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    ?? SELECT into a client-side temporary table and drive your form from that. when done editing run thru the temp table to feed your sp with updated values ??

    currently using SS 2008R2

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