Sorry guys, this comes from a non-techie.
I have a database in FMPRO 5.5 which I want to share with my team via the intranet. In the past, I've used instant web publishing with great success but stumbled across an error today.
In one of the databases, the most important field (let's call it "field A") has validation rule "not empty" and "user cannot override".
In Filemaker itself, this functions fine. At first sight it also works in the web version : when you attempt to create a new record with the "submit" button without filling in "field A", a warning pops up saying that the field cannot be empty.
So : the user clicks OK and I expect Filemaker to go back to the record so the user can enter the necessary info in "field A"... but what happens >> Filemaker has created a new record with a blank "field A". So somehow, the validations have been overruled in the IWP.

Again, I am not a techie (that's the fun piece about FMPRO... you don't need to be one), but any help is welcome....
Captain Hyperman