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    Unanswered: access front end

    i am almost finished building the front end for an application to manage restaurants. i am developing the front end with access vba, and intend to use sql server as a back end for the service. i just came across a group of people bashing access developers on a different site. i have several restaurants interested in using the service, and believe that the service should be very successfull (i have a very specific customer base that is currently not being targeted). the access component would not be a multiuser application. before i distribute the app i would appreciate any input. am i getting myself into trouble using access vba? should i run scared and switch to a web service?
    thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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    I think an Access front-end with a SQL Server back-end is perfectly appropriate for small-to-midsize applications.

    you create an Access Data Project, and not just an mdb file with linked tables. That may get you into trouble.
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