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    Unanswered: Manipulating Excel sheets within Access

    Hi, I need to open and do some processing with an Excel file, like check for some values, a couple of if then statements, nothing too coplex, so I wonder what is the simplest way to do it. I am importing some excel files in a database (Access) and i would like to have more control on the various fields (cells) than I get by using the ImportExcel command.

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    Hi Backstage i take it you are only wantingsome of the data from your spreadsheet into your db tables, the simplest way to do this in my humble opinion is to link in your excel file then run a query on it to be able to produce the results required, this could then be appended to your query

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    As I understand (I'm just starting in Access too :P) you can make modules in VBA where you can do relatively easy If-then statements and things like that. Also the checking for some values is rather simple in Access. Maybe I can save you some work if you need it, found lots of tutorials, but these too looked best:


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