This is driving me insane.
I have 2 SQL Servers set with a linked server to an Oracle Database.
Server a) running on Win2k connects fine, you can execute a distributed query fine and you can save that query as a view.
Server b) running on Win2k3 has the same set up, you can execute a distributed query fine, but you cannot save that view.
The error message is 0x8000d048 unable to begin a distributed transaction.

DTS is set up to run on both servers.
Oracle client tools and MDAC 2.8 on both servers.
And I've followed the instructions in Micosoft Support KB Article 280106 to eventually get server a) working by renaming the dll's:

But I CANNOT get this to work on the Win2k3 box.
Please help before I go beserk with a sledge hammer int the server room.