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    Unanswered: semi-autonumber compound primary key

    Howdy! So I've got a compound primary key consisting of two fields for my table, neither of which are unique, but together are. I'd like to set the first key in my input form (no problem), and then with "acNewRecord" automatically increment the other key. When I reach the end of the first key (in example: A0001, 3) the form will be closed (also no problem, as the Key2 refers to another form). When the form is reloaded for a new "key1 entry", I would again set he first key and the second would again start at 1. In some ways I want the second key to be an <autonumber>, but I need to be able to reset it. Suggestions?

    Key 1 Key 2
    A0001 1
    A0001 2
    A0001 3
    A0002 1
    A0002 2

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    Generally speaking I'd use a dmax/dlookup function to get the highest # and then increment to the next ... (actually I do do that ...)
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    hey thanks! I guess I need to learn a bit more, of course. Thanks again.

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