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    Unanswered: Can't Load Into Numeric Fields


    This may seem like a simple question to be asking but Im not the most experienced working with DTS loads and can't understand (don't know) why my load is failing.

    I am trying to load in a text file comma separated into a table I have created.

    It consists of only 5 entries

    01 - varchar (20)
    02 - smalldatetime
    03 - smalldatetime
    04 - numeric Scale (1)
    05 - numeric Scale (1)

    Here are the first two lines from my file,


    As far as I can se it should be working but it gives me the error:

    The number of failing rows exceeds the maximum specified.
    TransformCopy 'DTSTransformation_4'conversion error: General conversion failure on column pair (source column 'Col004(DBTYPE_STR), destination column 'Result1' (DBTYPE_NUMERIC)).


    Can't figure out whats going on so any ideas would be useful.


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    Well the second row is missing a comma between the dates
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