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    Unanswered: Good resource ?

    This question piqued my curiosity. (please note it is from the Access forum.) I ran the wizard on two queries I had, then I took a look at the resulting SQL and this is what I got.
    SELECT [Misd_qry].[FileNum], [Misd_qry].[First], [Misd_qry].[Last]
    FROM [Misd_qry] LEFT JOIN [DUI_qry] ON [Misd_qry].[FileNum] = [DUI_qry].[FileNum]
    WHERE ((([DUI_qry].[FileNum]) Is Null));
    So if i understand the SQL correctly a where statement in SQL looks for it's condition based on the results of the join. I guess that makes sense I just never really thought about it.

    That leads me to my Question. I do not really know SQL as well as I'd like. Mind you in Access (please no laughing) I can accomplish what I need from a query nine times ouf of ten. But I would like to learn the Logic behind SQL better. I know much of the syntax.

    Any suggested web sites our books would be appreciated.

    Thank You.
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    "Mastering SQL" by Gerber published by Sybex
    a lot more wordy that nutshell, plenty of examples
    "SQL in a Nutshell" by Kline & Kline by O'Reilly
    no examples but has the syntax for SQL server, MySQL, Oracle & something else
    Of the two I tend to reach for the Nutshell first then mastering if the nutshell didn't answer the question

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    If you want to really start to "grok" SQL, what it is about, and how to make it really "sing", then I'd recommend Joe Celko's SQL for Smarties. This isn't light reading, although the style is quite good. It teaches you to think the way that the ANSI committee that wrote the standard for what SQL is supposed to do thought.

    I'd also recommend Richard Waymire's Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft SQL Server 2000 in 21 Days. This is a lot more "hands on" than Celko's book, but it still teaches you how to really use SQL instead of just what the correct syntax is.


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    darasen, congrats

    i wouldn't start with SQL for Smarties, it's probably too advanced -- get something else in the meantime, and then when the next release of SQL for Smarties comes out (this spring) you'll be ready | @rudydotca
    Buy my SitePoint book: Simply SQL

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