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    Unanswered: Drop down boxes in a Report

    I have a drop down box (List box) in a query, and when I try to convert my info from my query into a report, the drop down box area gives me a number instead of the info that I chose when entering the info in my query.

    I want it to list the supervisor names that I set up the list box to display in my query.


    Jane Doe's supervisor is chosen from the list box that I created. John Doe is her supervisor. When I make my report, I want John Doe to be listed as her supervisor and instead I'm getting a number like 137 etc.

    How do I make John Doe show up?

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    The drop down box is being converted to a text box that shows the bound column, which in this case is the ID of the related record.

    To show the name or description of the related record, you may need to modify your report's data source to include a link to that table.
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