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    Unanswered: SQL statement for Cyrstal Report 8.5

    I have a text field (PDT_NAME) with this data residing:

    1 procedure name
    10 procedurename
    123 procedurename
    12.4 procedurename
    1234 proceurename

    What I need to do is strip everything after the first space - I only need the numbers on this report .

    I tried RTRIM with SUBSTRING but I ended up in a loop !! TIA - Jenn

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    Try this formula, which finds the position of the first blank space, then returns all characters to the left (unless there is no space in which case it returns a blank string):

    Local NumberVar EndPoint;

    EndPoint := Instr({TableName.PDTNAME}," ");
    If EndPoint > 0 Then
    Left ({TableName.PDTNAME}, EndPoint - 1)

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