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    Question Unanswered: Help with complicated Db idea

    or at least I think it is.....

    Here's what is going on. We audit companies every year (sometimes even more often). The audit tool/questions are always changing and each company has more than one audit related to it. Each question on the audit has a result of what needs to happen if they do not pass that question. Some questions have more than one part or a few bullets for that question. The company could easily pass 3 of 4 bullet points and only have to fix the one problem.

    Anybody have ideas on how to set this up? I thought about creating a separate table for the audit tool because it is always changing, but I don't know how to relate it back to the group with answers....

    HELP! =)

    Well I was playing around and thought the most effective way to do the audit tool was with multiple tables (see attached), but then that makes the answers difficult to set up for each individual audit. Has anyone ever created a survey type situation that I could alter for this purpose?
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    Still no luck huh?

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    here's a stab at it from what you've said so far:

    idQuestion, auto, PK
    strQuestion, text, whatever the question is

    idBullet, auto, PK
    idQuestion, FK on tblQuestion
    strBullet, text, whatever the bullet is
    'making life simple - every question MUST have one or more bullet

    idAsked, auto, PK
    idBullet, FK on tblBullet
    idAskWho, FK on some table that identifies who got asked this instance of this question(bullet)
    datAsked, date, when you asked this question
    boolOK, y/n, did you get an acceptable response

    idResponse, auto, PK
    idAsked, FK on tblAsked
    datResponse, dat, when you got this answer
    strResponse, text, whatever the response was

    does that work?

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    It is a tad more complicated there is actually 3 tiers to the question

    I. Question -
    Part A -
    Bullet 1 -
    Bullet 2 -
    Part B -
    Bullet 1 -
    Part C -

    Think of it as kind of an outline. Each question has at least one Part, but not all of the parts have a Bullet point. The bullets would have a yes/no to signify whether that point was passed. The Parts would have a score for that part. Also, eventually the Question itself will have a % correct based on the scores from the parts and the total possible for that question/part. It's not actually a survey where we would ask the questions or anything. It is an audit so it would be us scoring them on their performance on one day at least once a year. And again the questions, parts, and bullets are subject to change. If it is easier to create, I'll come to terms with just changing the tool as needed instead of keeping the correct audit with the correct scores.

    ANY help would definitely be appreciated!

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    This sounds like a dynamic classification system (ie - a query-processing framework that will classify sets based on rules you can change dynamically). The way to process these is to use a rule table.

    I am just beginning to toy with these myself - so I'm not the best person to ask, but the source I'm using for a guide is chapter 2.13 of the Transact-SQL Cookbook (Gennick,Spetic - Oreilly Press).

    Contact me if nobody else is able to help you and you can't find this book. I think I might have a pdf of this chapter that was posted as an excerpt somewhere.
    Kit Lemmonds

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