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    Unanswered: Registered Active X contl but not showing

    Hi ...
    New machine (XP pro, Access 2003 with Access 97 added in a diff subdirectory).

    Trying to "import" the 97 database into Access 2003 but there are NUMEROUS problems.

    my old way of doing a date selection wasn't working so I decided to use the Microsoft Active X Date Picker but it wasn't on the list.
    so... found that mscomct2.ocx was missing -
    I copied it from another machine into WINNT/system32 and then registered it - which seemed to go ok - except
    the Date Picker still is not showing up on the list of controls -

    any ideas on how to get around this?

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    Just curious wick Acces did you install first? In my experience installing the Newest version last works better to avoid any files placed elsewhere in the system do not get overwritten.
    Not an answer to your direct question but a thought to share.

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    yup - the machine came with Access 2003 installed, and we put 97 on next.
    Still DATA, LEFT and FORMAT cause code errors when running those buttons that need that code.

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