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    Unanswered: Resolved:Linux/PHP -> MS Server 2003/Access getting the 2 to talk

    Hi all.

    I have 15 years of programming in c/c++/perl/php using oracle and mysql. I figure connecting to a M$ database can't be that different, can it? I figured wrong! heheh

    I have an Access Database on a MS Server 2003 box. lets call it orders.mdb
    I dont think there is sql server installed. but odbc is there and there is an odbc connection that works. The applicaton that came with orders.mdb is running on clients and working fine.

    I want to be able to connect from a Linux box using PHP to this DB with sql logins. Meaning something like:

    in PHP odbc_connect("","mylogin","mypasswo rd",""); so I'll need a login

    I've read all of the help files I could find. I've sat in IRC forever. Nobody has done this or just says which I've read about 12 times now.

    I've recompiled my linux php dist to include iodbc and mssql. I'm not sure which one of these if any will work with access via ODBC.

    Basically, i'm at an endpass and ready to give up.

    EDIT:Resolved using
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