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    Arrow Unanswered: compare int to varchar, import 1.5 million rows (was "2 simple problem")

    1) I write a select statemnet

    select a.columname1, b.columname1
    from table1 a,table2 b
    where a.columname2 = b. columname3

    How do i compare
    a.columname2 <--> int type column
    while b. columname3 <--->varchar type

    how should i use convert function

    2) whats the best way to import 1.5 million rows ?
    How about text file

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    1. CONVERT(varchar(15),a.columname2) = b. columname3

    2. Import? Text file? I'd use bcp

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    If b. columname3 is a numeric column you can always do the old

    1. select a.columname1, b.columname1
    from table1 a,table2 b
    where a.columname2 = CAST(b. columname3 as int)

    But if the values in columname3 are truly int you change your table definintion

    2. Depends on what the conditions are. I used to be a DTS guy but I just got done reading the entire Books Online documention regarding BCP and it is a lot more flexible and powerful than I used to think it was.
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