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    Unanswered: Stored Proc / Triger

    Guys I want to ask this question. What is the difference between stored Proc and Triger? and can u give a sample code of each one .


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    A Trigger fires when an event takes place such as insert update or delete of data on a table and is attached to a specific table

    A Stored procedure can be used at any time and is not specific to any event
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    In a trigger you also have acces to the virtual tables inserted and deleted. These tables hold the values that is going to be either inserted or deleted depending on the operation in question. A insert-command generates posts in the inserted-table, a update-command generates posts in both the inserted and the deleted since the update actually is a delete followed by a insert and finally the delete command only generates posts in the deleted table.

    If you want help on creating triggers I suggest reading the SQL Server Books Online help to get the most relevant info. Try searching for the keywords CREATE TRIGGER
    That should get you started pretty good.

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