DOes anyone know how to get the height of a cell?? i have a table in word and i would like to get the height of each cell, and from my coding below, i don't know why it doesnot return me the exact cell height.

Function getTableRowHeight(tblCurr As Word.Table)

Dim CellHgt() As Long
Dim curCell As Word.Cell
Dim rowCurr As Word.Row
Dim iColCnt As Long
Dim intRowCnt As Long
Dim cnt As Integer
Dim PrevRowIndex As Long
Dim cellType As String
cnt = 0

ReDim CellHgt(tblCurr.rows.Count, tblCurr.Columns.Count + 100)
ReDim EachRowHgt(tblCurr.rows.Count)

For intRowCnt = 1 To tblCurr.rows.Count
Set rowCurr = getTableRow(tblCurr, intRowCnt)
For iColCnt = 1 To tblCurr.Columns.Count
If curCell Is Nothing Then
Set curCell = tblCurr.cell(intRowCnt, iColCnt)
Set curCell = curCell.Next
End If
If curCell Is Nothing Then
Exit For
End If
intRowCnt = curCell.rowIndex
iColCnt = curCell.ColumnIndex

If PrevRowIndex <> curCell.rowIndex Then
PrevRowIndex = curCell.rowIndex
If curCell.Height <> wdUndefined Then
CellHgt(PrevRowIndex, iColCnt) = curCell.Height
List1.AddItem "CellHgt(" & PrevRowIndex & "," & iColCnt & ") : " & curCell.Height
End If
If curCell.Height <> wdUndefined Then
CellHgt(intRowCnt, iColCnt) = curCell.Height
List1.AddItem "CellHgt(" & intRowCnt & "," & iColCnt & ") : " & curCell.Height
End If
End If

End Function

i test this function for the table with the first cell spanning 4 rows, but it return me a single row's height, i really dont know how this cell.height calculate a cell's height, can anyone help me??
Thank you very much