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    Unanswered: Sharing of Data across applications

    Hi we have a Database up and Running. Which has some 450 tables with thousands of records. Now for another application, the data is required from our existing Database. But for the new application only selected table and columns are required, Not entire database.

    How to pass data from existing database into New application? Only 10-20 columns data from 4-5 tables is required into new application

    How to do this selective Export or any other way? Can you explain in detail.


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    You have a number of choices.

    1) if the new app only does selects (no mods) then it could connect to your original database
    2) Have a job which drops all tables and then uses the exp/imp utilities to copy just those 5 tables
    3) Have a job which truncates the tables and then inserts the data (use APPEND hint) from those 5 tables
    4) Setup materialized views to copy the data over a regular intervals.


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