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    Question Unanswered: SQL Server linked table to dbase III files


    I am trying to use linked tables to connect SQL Server 2000 to a legacy system using dbase III files. (I need real time read only access to these files)

    I have created a linked table from SQL server to a folder on the C drive which contains the dbase III files, using an ODBC DSN which uses "Microsoft dbase driver (*.dbf)". DSN tested successfully using Excel. Linked server connection is then created using "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC drivers".

    The dbase tables appear OK in Enterprise manager, but I cannot get a query to work in SQL Anayzer, using the 4-part name syntax.

    My query is just :
    SELECT * FROM LinkedTable...customers

    Error message is "Invalid schema or catalog specified for provider 'MSDASQL'". Now I am pretty sure dbase files do not support any sort of schema / catalog set up, so I suspect SQL Server is looking for something it is not going to get.

    One clue might be that in Enterprise manager, under the catalog column, I get the pathname to the dbase file, ie c:\customers.dbf, which I cannot enter in the 4-part syntax.

    Any suggestion welcome !!!

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    try using openquery. look it up in BOL.
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    Thanks for that suggestion - it does not work using OPENQUERY, but this idea led me on to OPENROWSET which does work, as in :

    SELECT *
    'MSDASQL','DRIVER={Microsoft Dbase driver (*.dbf)}',
    'SELECT * FROM C:\customers.dbf')

    I would still like to know how it can be done using linked server, rather than this adhoc solution, if anyone has any ideas...

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