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    Unanswered: A "Dead End" on Blue Screen (Any Genius To Help Me Out?)

    Hi, guys. I have a huge problem on my Windows XP Professional. What occurs is something I have never seen before and I don't really know how to fix it. Basically, once I start my computer, everything goes fine. Windows starts. The irritating moment and the conflict is when I reach the user screen. There are no images for me to click on to select the user. Technically, I cannot even start accessing my computer. Do you have any idea what this is? I may have to do school projects pretty soon, can anybody help me???

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    1. Does your Wallpaper appear? If so, the OS has finished loading
    softwares/drivers. If not, try booting in safe mode.

    2. Move your mouse to the sides of your screen. Your task bar may be set to
    auto hide, Or had been resized (watch for cursor if it changes to resize
    cursor when you move it to side of screen).

    Once you have restore the TaskBar, Right click it and select properties.
    From there you can set the objects you want to Appear/Hide.

    I hope this helps.


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    It happended to me.
    Dont know why.
    I changed monitor and it started working. Open control panel/system, updated drivers, back to the old monitor, everything ok.
    Maybe the answer could have been RedAxl's.
    Hope this helps, but do not ask me why.

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    XP Login Problems

    I recently repaired a computer with the same type of problem.

    This machine would'n load the welcome screen it just rebooted constantly.

    Can you provide the error info. so that I may try to assist you.

    To see the error code (if any) you will have to press F8 as the machine boots, when there selecet disable automatic reboot on errors.

    This will hopefully provide you with the information necessary to find a cure.

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