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    Unanswered: stored procedures

    I am a green horn as regards stored procedures. I would like to know how i can write a stored procedure for an SQL script i wrote..i'm currently using INFORMIX(unix)..have seen not-too-clear statements...could someone please reel out the syntax with a few comments by the side..will really appreciate the help.

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    Although there are not a huge amount of SPL commands, I think it's undoable to discuus them all here. Please ask a more detailed question. Also note the version number of IDS. If it is 9.xx there are a lot more possibilities...;-)

    To get you started here a simple example:

    CREATE PROCEDURE myspl (ptable char(128)) RETURNING integer;
    DEFINE numrows INTEGER;

    select nrows into numrows
    from systables
    where tabname = ptable;

    RETURN numrows;

    EXECUTE PROCEDURE myspl("systables");

    (I hope I did't made any typo's, I haven't really tested the code above;

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