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    I have downloaded data from a sybase table uing BCPwithout any row terminator and column terminater specified. Before "BCP in" I have used ";" for column terminator and "/n" and row terminator. If I will load data one row by row it is working fine. But if I will load more than one row, 1st row goes fine.. second row 1st column gets truncated. Please help..


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    Just to add to my post
    following is the data,

    79600000001030;79;60;1030;10;10.0000;3;3.0000;0;0. 0000;0;0.0000;B;NULL;NULL;20;021026;OFF-/n
    79600000001031;79;60;1031;0;0.0000;0;0.0000;0;0.00 00;0;0.0000;N;NULL;NULL;20;021026;OFF-/n

    Ist row goes properly.. second row except 79600000001031 everything goes fine 79600000001031 is trucated as 7960000000103

    There is other row starts with 79960000001100

    this get truncated as 799600000011

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