Hey all. I'm designing a test proctoring db and I've got a mental block for the best way to do this when designing the forms. Basically I've got the following tables:

tbCourses (CourseID, CourseName)
tbEmployees (EmployeeID, StudentName)
tbQuestions (QuestionID, CourseID, QuesNo, QuesText)
tbAnswers (AnswerID, AQuestionID, AnsLetter, AnsText) - four possible answers per question
tbTestKeys (KeyID, KQuestionID, KAnswerID)
tbResults (EmployeeID, CourseID, QuestionID, AnswerID)

My form has to populate all fields in tbResults and display all QuesNo and QuesText for a given CourseID, and all AnsLetter and AnsText for a given QuestionID.

I started out with unbound combo boxes to select the EmployeeID and CourseID. CourseID is the Child/Master link for a subform that displays the questions (sbfrmquestions). Sbfrmquestions uses QuestionID as the Child/Master for another subform displaying the possible answers (sbfrmAnswers).

My root problem: I'm having difficulty determining the best way to capture what answer a test taker picked and then delivery that information to tbResults.