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    Unanswered: export to rtf problem


    I am running an access application where I am exporting a report to an RTF file format.

    I have 8 Machines in the office and 2 of them will output the report as formatted in access, the rest of the machines completely misalign the data ( i.e. one line becomes two etc.)

    All machines are running windows and access XP.

    Any ideas


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    It might be due to the default printers for each machine having different margins.

    I run into this problem a lot. I design a lot of reports that use every last inch of space on the page, and they work fine on the laser printers in the office. But unfortunately, viewing a report in Access is actually a print preview, so if someone has a different printer set up with larger margins, they can't even view it on the screen properly without first changing their printer to one with smaller margins.

    I don' know if this helps at all, but you might also want to see if you're using any strange fonts or anythign like that?

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    Printing problem

    I agree with grrr223 and had similar problems. Check your fonts. Try and use Time New Roman or Arial as a font but the stem of your problem could be the printer drivers. We had some printer driver problems when we went to XP.
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