Newbie need help to sovle a problem that I think simple for you:
For example: In 'employees' form (with recordsource set to 'employees' table), I have a 'employeeslist' listbox of with this code in load event:
with me.employeelist
.rowsource= _
" select employeeid,firstname,lastname from employees"
.columnwiths="0.5 in;0.8 in;0.7 in"

I created 'ABC' form (with recordsource set to 'ABC' table. And this table also have a employeeid field) which have employeeid textbox with controlsource set to employeeid field in 'ABC' table.

My Idea is in the double click event of 'employeelist' listbox I will put some code so that when I double click on one row of the listbox, It will create new record on 'ABC' form and automatically fill clicked employeeid of it into 'employeeid' field.
Could anyone tell me how can I do that.
Please help me. I really need your help.
many thanks.