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    Question Unanswered: Read blob nonblocking


    I am writing a delphi program that updates it's self from the database. The new version is stored in a blob field. The problem is that I want to have a progress bar when the program downloads the new version from the database. Even if I use a thread, I can only know when it starts and when it ends. How can I be aware of the download status or do block reading?

    I am using delphi 7 , odac4.5 , oracle 9.0.2

    what i'm currently doing looks something like this:

    query.sql.text := "select t.file_name, f.file from files f where f.file_name = prog1";;

    TBlobField(query.FieldByName('file')).SaveToFile(' c:\temp\tempfile.exe');

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    For block reading use the Oracle DBMS_LOB package.

    DBMS_LOB.GetLength( lobfield ) will give you the total lob size
    DBMS_LOB.Substr( lobfield, amount, offset ) will return a block of data as another LOB or as a VARCHAR2 (I believe it depends on the source lob type).

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    Thank you, will try it.

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    I used another method to solve the problem.
    While the thread is reading the blob from the database, I do the following from the main thread:
    select * from v$session_longops where time_remaining > 1
    which gives me the estimated remaining time of the operation.
    It gives the following fields:
    TIME_REMAINING, ELAPSED_SECONDS, MESSAGE(info about the operation)

    Thanks again.

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