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    Unanswered: /3GB Windows 2003 Enterprise Server boot parm and increased paging

    I'd like to know if anyone has experienced a significant increase in paging to disk after beginning to use the /3GB boot parm. We're thinking about using that parm along with /PAE on our server with 8GB and then using AWE to place buffer cache above 8gb
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    It was working just 5 minutes ago - I promise !

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    From a support page on the net
    A process running under Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 can access up to 2 GB of memory address space, real and virtual.

    The more Active Directory database that can be loaded into memory, the more Active Directory performance improves.

    If you have more than 512MB of RAM, but less than 3GB, only a maximum of 512MB of Active Directory will be loaded into memory.

    If you use the /3GB boot.ini switch, more of the Active Directory database can remain in memory, up to 2.6GB.

    NOTE: If you use the /PAE switch, don't add the /3GB switch.
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