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    Unanswered: re: This recordset is not updatable

    Hi all,

    I created a form that links to a view. The view joins the two tables and both of these tables are defined w/ Primary keys. But when I try to update the table is giving an error in Access form: "This recordset is not updatable".
    Would anyone have an explanation for this?
    I'm using AC2K and SQL Server 2K.

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    because there is a one to many join JET cannot deterine which table to update.

    I've had the problem before, but cannot remember the resolution. I think it was to do with either cutting out the join in the query you want to update OR using the distinct clause inthe SQL
    OR ensuring that the uniquely identifying column (the primary key) from both tables is present
    OR ensuring that the 'many' primary key was present in the query
    forget which, no doubt someone else may have a suggestion but in the mean time it should get you going.....

    Normally I would not expect to use a join in a query that I wanted to update

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