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    Unanswered: access query, with multiple tables

    i have a query to make a form using bits from lots of tables.
    well 3 tables. it is to show a savigns orderfor a custoemr saving to buy a bike - for an A level project.

    i have Payment_Amount from tblOrder , Price from tblModel
    and a field called Amount_to_Pay

    i want Amount_to_pay to be calculated when an amount is entered into the Payment_Amount field.
    will be Payment_Amount - Price

    where do i put the epxression and what do i write?is it possible to have a calculated filed in a form?

    thanx for all ure help, as u might guess buy user name im not very skilled with access!

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    As the third entry in your query, put

    Then you can have Amount_to_pay on your form.

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