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    Arrow Unanswered: FoxPro: having trouble querying on date

    I'm having similar issues as the one in this thread
    but the solution isn't working for me.

    I want to execute the following query:

    select * from payment where paymentdate = date(1999,24,11)
    select * from payment where paymentdate = date(1999,24,11);

    When I open the payment table in FoxPro and execute the above query by clicking Window > Command Window and typing it into the window, I get the following error:

    Function argument value, type or count is invalid

    The previous thread says to structure the query like the one below, but I can't get it to span multiple lines and wind up getting a different error (see below).

    select *; from cashtrac; where paymntdate = date(1999,24,11);

    I get this error message:

    Command contains unrecognized phrase/keyword.

    Can someone please enlighten me as to what I'm doing wrong? I've been trying to search for correct syntax in FoxPro for over 4 hours now and trying different combinations with no luck. I normally use SQL, but have to work on this client's old DB.

    I will later have to update a different field based on a range of paymentdates.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Ok... easy fix...

    Change the following :
    date(1999, 11, 24)

    You have your Month and Days backwards !

    BTW... I would store this Date Value to a variable and then use that in your SQL statment. The way you have it FoxPro will have to evaluate that expression for each record where if it were in a variable it would do it once... when you assign the variable.

    AND..Depending on how many records you have to query it could greatly impact your speed.

    For Example do this:

    Date2Find = Date(1999, 11, 24)
    SELECT * ;
    FROM cashtrac ;
    WHERE PaymntDate = Date2Find ;
    INTO Cursor MyResultSet

    Hope this helps !
    Good Luck !


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    For simplicity, you can also use {mm/dd/yyyy} date format in FoxPro.
    FoxPro Reads the data enclosed in Curly Bracket as DATE.

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