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    Unanswered: Store data in separate database.

    I heard that it is better to store tables in separate database so you don't run the risk of losing data when making future updates to project. I'm rolling out project in phases. Tables are defined but new forms, reports, queries will be created in Phase 2, 3 etc.

    Is this true and if so how do I reference the tables in the forms since they will be in differenct databases?

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    There is a wizard that will do the split for you

    alternatively you can do it yourself with tools / database utilities / linked table manager

    tables in the back end, everything else in the front end, back end on a server, front end either on a server, or far better deployed on the users local PC - use a separate package to make sure the users are always using the most recent front end (forget what it is but google for 'fron end access update' may get you there - is it by tony troy? forget its the alzheimers kicking in)

    however unless your design is very well advanced then I'd place money on having to make table changes and those are always messy with an application in the field. Hold off for as long as you can before deploying the data back end just in case you need to alter the exiting table layout.

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