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    Unanswered: multiple pages


    I am trying to make a kind of a form with info...after submitting the info c
    omes to the second page. At the end of page two you can submit again and now
    you come on page three.

    There I need some info (eks. a cars name) from page 1. The variable {$_POST[
    'car']} is not anymore accessible on page 3. I also tried with a hidden fiel
    d on page 2 with {$_POST[
    'car']} as value which works, but as soon as I submit page 2 and I am on page 3 this value is empty again.

    Can someone tell me what is the easiest way or at least a way to make this w
    ork. That I get the info from page 1 into page 3.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you


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    you need to be able to use call the page again with a pointer indicating the next batch of records to display. ie repeat the criteria for the intial page selection and add a page index. these can be put in the page as a form using hidden controls, you then need to adjust you page criteria to post the form, so that you can re-read the settings.

    youmay also be able to do it via cookies or phpsession if your site is set up to use these

    you need to adjust your sql to retrive the next batch of records

    I seem to remember that someone has written a class available on phpclasses
    to handle this

    we went down the first route as the site was designed not to use any cookies or sessionID's, I'm not sure we would do that again unless the customer demanded it.

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    I solved it with a cookie. Thanks

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