I have encountered a problem in Oracle forms 6i.
We use oracle 9i as the database.

We have synonynms created in our database using database links for the objects in the other databases.

When we developed a form using this synonym as the base object, there is no problem and the form works fine. But, if we refer to this dblink synonym in the form in the triggers, we are not able to compile the form. We use unix as OS. It is giving a core dump.

So we followed a roundabout fooling method. First we will compile the form refering to the object in the local database. Once we have gotten the executable, we recreated the synonym using dblink referring to the remote database. It is working.

My question is whether accessing remote database objects in the triggers in the forms6i is a limitation or we have someother methods or functions to accomplish the same.

Eagerly awaiting your replies,