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    Unanswered: LOAD Database

    Can i restore the database dump taken on Wndows 2000 onto a Solaris Server. I am facing problems i get following error

    Backup Server session id is: 44. Use this value when executing the 'sp_volchanged' system stored procedure after fulfilling any volume change request from the Backup Server.
    Backup Server: Volume validation error: illegal volume change, device /server/data/sybase/SV0016_2K/db_dump_dev/cerd.dmp: volume mounted out of order, expected volume 0001, got volume 16777216.
    Backup Server: Header labels of rejected volume:
    Backup Server:
    VOL1 0 7
    Backup Server: Unrecoverable I/O or volume error. This DUMP or LOAD session must exit.
    Backup Server: /server/data/sybase/SV0016_2K/db_dump_dev/cerd.dmp: volume not valid or not requested (server: , session id: 44.)
    Backup Server: Unrecoverable I/O or volume error. This DUMP or LOAD session must exit.
    Error encountered by Backup Server. Please refer to Backup Server messages for details.

    can someone help

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    Afraid that you cannot load a Win 2000 dump onto Solaris. I think that Sybase are working on this and it will possibly be available in a later release. It's only in the very lastest relase that you can move dumps between Unix platforms (e.g. AIX to Solaris).

    If you want to move the database you'll have to do a logical move, i.e. copy out the schema and then bcp the data.

    Not very helpful, I know.

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    Looks like they've now done this after all:

    In which case it looks like to way to do this is to upgrade the Solaris Sybase server to 12.5.3 before running the load, assuming that this is possible.

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    There have always been other more appropriate methods ...

    Just in case it you are not aware ...

    1. The Sybase dump file (and subsequent load) is o/s platform and 32/64 bit specific. It is a 'fast' operation intended for use on the same or similar (within reason) Sybase ASE server and limited to that o/s platform. It is what you may call a PHYSICAL backup of the database. It was not intended for cross-platform database migration, and certainly not declared to be so.

    2. For migration of databases (objects and data) across platforms and across ASE server versions (and also for proper repositioning and resizing of databases), you will need to:
    - migrate the database objects (using any number of object-definition handling tools: PowerDesigner; DBArtisan; sybmigrate; etc)
    - resolve any issues due to ASE versions, etc
    - a LOGICAL backup of the data. This consists of:
    --- bcp-out all tables in char mode (not native mode)
    --- transfer the files from source platform to target platform (or share)
    --- bcp-in all tables (in the correct sequence as per RI constraints)
    - (of course, backup [dump] the database as soon as the database is completely loaded)

    3. As a very recent ASE enhancement, ASE 12.5.3 (only) now reads any backup file dumped by ASE 11.9.2 or later from any o/s platform. This is interesting, and possibly useful to people with small databases, but will not be used by those of us who have large databases and have (2) in place. (In any case, there are limitations [which (2) does not have], and some work to be done [based on how good your standards and operating procedures are]).
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