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    Unanswered: statement on form based on a drop down field

    The drop down field in my form shows:

    "Payment made by credit card"
    "Payment made by cheque"
    "Payment due"

    The resulting report has a general caption/text box saying

    "payment must be made by credit or debit card if not paid already."

    It also has a one of the above three payment statements within in.

    What I want the report to do is as follows:

    If Payment made by credit card, then a caption appears "Payment has already been made, etc."

    If Payment due, then a caption appears "Payment is due to be made, payment can be made by credit....etc."

    How can this be done on a report.

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    Add a text box and use an IF statement to determine which text appears. In the example below, I'm assuming that PaymentForm is the field where you have stored the type of payment -- credit, check, or no payment.

    =iif([PaymentForm]="Payment due","Payment is due to be made, payment can be made by credit....etc","Payment has already been made by " & [PaymentForm])

    If you change the above line to include the actual name of your payment form field (and if the payment form is stored as a number and the text is looked up, then change the "payment due" in the above statement to correspond to the number value for "payment due") -- then you can copy and paste that statement into a newly created text box. (Remember label and text box are different.)



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    =IF([Payment_type]="This was paid by Cash","This was paid by Cheque","This was paid by Credit/Debit Card","This is to be paid on Account","This payment is due" & [Payment_type])

    I used the above in the Report.

    It brings up a dialog box with the title IF and expects me to add something into it.

    It then shows as #Error on the report.

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