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    Question Unanswered: data dump/query without using connection resource

    I have been asked to "find a way" (as I have been assured it can be done) of performing a dump of the data in two columns in a table, that does NOT involve using a database connection resource [stop laughing at the back]

    I'm pretty sure that no matter WHAT method is used to retrieve this data, a connection resource MUST be used.

    Can someone confirm this either way.. that it can't be done, without a connection resource, or that there's some third party tool or whatever that can do it.

    I'm relatively new to DB2, but I find the concept of being able to query data within tables without using the database connection resources a rather scary thought.



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    I have not done this sort of thing before, but let me give it a try ...
    If you are on the LUW platforms, db2dart might help .. The database should be 'shutdown' for this command to work ..

    If you are on Mainframe, DSN1PRNT should be able to do this for you ..

    I'm not sure about the as/400 platform ..

    But, I'm sure you realize that this is not straight forward as an EXPORT command or the UNLOAD utility ... Read the manuals and test it on a dev box before you attempt to do anything ..

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    Why is this wanted? This can be known as security subversion.

    There are a number of third party tools that, given sufficiently detailed information about the way the data is stored can do an unload of data (ready to load into another table). Check the usual suspects.

    James Campbell

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