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    Unanswered: Ghost .ldb file?????

    I am having a problem with opening Access (Access 2002). It is a strange problem because it doesn't happen all the time.

    If you click on the .mdb file, sometimes MS Access is launched and the application opens and the database file opens. However, it is often the case that if I just double click on the .mdb file, a "ghost" .ldb file displays, but the application doesn't open. I have to then open Access first, locate the .mdb file and then it will open. Also, unless I reboot my machine, the .ldb remains in the folder.

    Any help on this would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.

    Thank you,

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    Check your task manager. Sometimes I have a problem with the Access process not ending as it should. It will not show up under appilications after I quit but still is stuck in processes.

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    I had this issue last Spring. It seemed to be intermittent...but through some very tedious trial and error, discovered it to be a corrupt form. So anytime I opened this particular form (which behaved normally) I would exit the db and be left with the ldb file. I'd have to reboot, then delete the ldb to open the db again.
    Solution was to recreate this form.

    Good luck.


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