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    Unanswered: Problem Infomix v5-SE + JDBC


    I try using the url type below

    jdbc:informix-direct:// testDB;user=rdtest;password=test

    The error is :
    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.informix.jdbc.IfxDirectConnection

    My CLASSPATH point to ifxjdbc.jar ...

    Thank you.


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    You can not use informix-direct protocol to connect to SE engine.
    You have to use informix-sqli .

    Also make sure you are using ifxjdbc.jar from informix JDBC driver distribution.
    Make sure you have USEV5SERVER=1 set in your connection url as you are connecting to SE engine.

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    Thumbs up Informix Jdbc V5 SE

    Thank you for your reply,

    I'm very happy to know that it's possible using JAVA JDBC with my very old INFORMIX V5 SE !!!!! Please confirm me that I just need sqlexec to use JDBC on server side. I don't have the "INFORMIX-NET" .

    I'm using ifxjdbc.jar form the IBM package for JDBC connection. I put it in my CLASSPATH (export CLASSPATH= ...).

    In the documentation of IBM JDBC Driver I understood that I could connect to my INFORMIX V5 SE with the informix-direct....??!!

    I will thy with the informix-sqli and the USEV5SERVER=1 parameter. Could you send me the exact syntaxe to connect to my V5 server to be sure ?

    I think that I must put the databse name in the url, put where I can find it ? I know that database files are located in usr/appli/ on my server ...

    To conclude, do you think I can use a 4GL application and a JAVA application in the same time on the same database ? I have to start two sqlexec demon on tow differents port ?

    Thank you soo much for your reply.

    Best regards, Johann.
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