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    What size plotter to buy for printing db schemas, etc?

    Hi everyone,

    Our IT department is going to buy a plotter to print out db schemas, networking diagrams, flow charts, process maps, etc. Since this is our first plotter I was wondering what size(24", 36", 42") plotter you all suggest buying? We originally priced out a 36". Do you think this size will do?

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    I regularly print out diagrams on ordinary paper, then tape the pages together to get wall-sized images. This works fine for every need I've found, and other than a bit of time spent taping up the final image, it is actually much faster and more economical than using a plotter.

    I can't think of a reason that I'd need dozens or hundreds of copies of a wall-sized image. If that need cames along, I'll address it then. My needs are for things I can carry into meetings, print conveniently, fax when necessary, and generate PDF files simply. Using ordinary "garden grade" printing works nicely for those needs.

    If you have some special needs that make a plotter necessary, let your needs be your guide. At least in my mind, that is a "special need" that is specific to your circumstances, not a general need where I'd expect others to be able to offer much assistance.


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    We've used a relatively cheap A2 inkjet printer from Canon (BJC5500) for this sort of task (amongst others data modelling was the least of its uses and justifications), not quite to sure how that works out (its approximately 4 times the size of a letter

    A4 is 210mm x 297mm
    A3 is 297mm x 420mm
    A2 is 420mm x 594mm 16.5" x 23.4"

    depending how many items you want to plot it may make more sense to send the design data to a bureau, we used to get A0 plots for around 5 (~$8) from a local print shop. Originate the image in the size you want as a PDF and send it to the bureau

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