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    Unanswered: How to ... File Maker 7?

    I'm a newbie...
    Pls help me how to:

    I have 2 or more container fields for photo storage. So how to:
    1. Make a script to aquire image from digital cam and put captures images into these fields one after another, automatically?


    2. Make a "file browser" field next to these fields, and drag-and-drop images from the browser into the fields?

    3. How to sync EXIF info of original photos into File Maker fields, and edit these infos directly in File Maker?

    4. Actually, I'm making a Medical Record database. Many patients will come back for follow up visits. So physicians need to exam and enter patient's infos just like the first time examination. How to "link" these infos from the very 1st time to the very last visit ?
    Thanks a lot.

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    Twain device import into container field

    Hello Nam -
    I just started using a very basic medical records database I created (and am still working on) in FMP7. I have made this really only for my own personal use. I also use container fields to hold lots of clinical photos of patients. I found out there is a program called InsideScan which is a file and image management plug-in that lets you handle your images in a FileMaker Pro database. Since it is integrated with FileMaker Pro, it allows you to directly import an image by using a scanner or video acquisition source (and I would assume a digital camera as long as it uses Twain). You can check it out at Please don't hesitate to contact me as you continue your EMR creation. Hopefully we can help each other.

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