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We understand that people might get suspicious and think that we are "one day" company as many others because we offer that match bandwidth. I can assure you that it's not the case. Read why our prices are so cheap and why we offer that match bandwidth:
OLHosting is a part of a European rapidly evolving Internet and Voice IP provider Company Intelia.
At the present moment Intelia is building a private European network, that grows every month.
Both companies are interested in creation of the bigger traffic amount in a network with the purpose of
stimulation of the traffic exchange on parity conditions with other provider companies in Europe and America’s
largest points of the traffic exchange. Clearly, the more traffic our hosting will generate and will be passed
on through networks then other providers will be more interested in the exchange of the traffic directly
without intermediate networks which take fee’s for the passing traffic.

Equipment and Internet:

omega.olhosting server
Dell Power Edge 1750
Processors: DUAL Intel Xeon 3.06GHz, 512K Cache
Technology: Hyper Threading, 533MHz Front Side Bus
Memory: 6.0GB DDR ECC
Hard Drives: 2x146GB SCSI

Emergency server (Backup/Mirror of omega.olhosting.com)
Dell Power Edge 1750
Processors: DUAL Intel Xeon 2.4GHz, 512K Cache.
Technology: Hyper Threading, 533MHz Front Side Bus
Memory: 4.0GB DDR ECC
Hard Drives: 146GB SCSI

All data stored separately on the storage array that is a set of hot swap U-ATA drives.
Both server main and backup connected to the storage array with 1GB Ethernet cards on the PCI-X 100MHz
bus that give guaranties of high speed access to files. This storage array also saves backups to other
array located in other building that give guaranties of data safety.


Internet Connection:
Olhosting's servers are connected to Internet with Fast Ethernet interfaces, we can get channel wider for each server in any moment when it's required.

Our present 500 Mbit/s connection allows MAX monthly traffic:
100 Megabit : 8 to get Megabit = 12.5 Megabyte /s
((((((12.5 ) * 60 sec ) * 60 min )* 24 hour) * 30 days) : 1000 Megabyte) = 32400 GB = 324 TB

Special SOS group is continuously monitoring the traffic of the severs, Our router connected to the Internet
backbone with Gigabyte Ethernet adapter and we can get channel wider up as soon as it's required.
So practically there is NO actual limit at all because it's question of minutes to
Organize as many Gigabyte Ethernet channels as needed and keep our guaranties.

Our main target is to keep our costumers satisfied that's why we don't oversell and on each server we keep less then
400 clients, so that means each our client could generate 405 GB bandwidth maximum, that's our limit.
It is the main reason why we offer such a generous amount of bandwidth with all of our packages.

Here are some of the other shared plans that we offer.

-----Shared Hosting Plans -----

150 MB Web Space
50 GB Transfer
Unlimited Email Addresses and More
$4.99 per month
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500 MB Web Space
75 GB Transfer
Unlimited Email Addresses and More
$11.99 per month
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1000 MB Web Space
100 GB Transfer
Unlimited Email Addresses and More
$18.99 per month
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If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to email us at sales@olhosting.com

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