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    Unanswered: Move Through a ListView


    Does anyone have any idea for coding, to move through a listbox. I essentially need to know the statments for:

    a) set listview to the 1st item (anything like ListView1.BOF?)
    b) move to next listitem
    c) do until Listview is at the end (anything like ListView1.EOF?

    Any Ideas?
    -Matt H-

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    You say listbox & listview, not quite sure what you wanted...? So, here's some code for listview!

        Private Declare Function LockWindowUpdate Lib "user32.dll" _
                (ByVal hwndLock As Long) As Long
        Private Const NO_HWND = 0
    Private Sub MoveThruListView
        Dim lvItem As ListItem
    '// Stop the window from updating until we're finished with it
        LockWindowUpdate ListView1.hWnd
        For Each lvItem In ListView1.ListItems
    '// We now have a reference to a listitem in the listview, show info about it 
    '// or manipulate it etc...
            Msgbox lvItem.Key, vbInformation
    '// Allow list to update again
        LockWindowUpdate NO_HWND
    End Sub

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    Can I embed an IF statement into what you gave me? I need the if statement to check to see if the currently selected ListView item (sorry bout that earlier) matches a search string. If it does, then nothing happens, if it doesn't, then the item needs to be removed from the list.

    I put this in:

    For Each lvItem in FrmName.ListView1.ListItems
    If frmName.ListView1.SelectedItem <> sID Then 'where sID is the search string
    End If

    It seems to work okay, except for getting to the REMOVE statement. It gives me an error: "argument not optional"... and i'm not sure how to fix. Given what I've mentioned above, does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

    -Matt H-

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    Doesn't the Remove statement require the number (IE... Remove(indexnum) ) of the item in the list to remove?

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