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Thread: DB design help

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    DB design help

    I am developing a small web based centre management system for one organization using PHP,MySQL with Apache. This system is actually my course project. The organization have few centres located at different places.The headquarter(HQ) of the organization need to access all the centres data to generate report.The problem is that i didn't know how to design the database. Do i need separate database to store each centre's data or can i store all the information involving the HQ and centres in one database which will reside at the HQ main server?If i use many databases will that effect the processing speed of the query.Will there be any problem (regarding query processing speed) if a database for a web based system have more than 25 tables and i need to query multiple tables?

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    Web Based Cetre Management

    It sounds like..... you're managing the activities or the production or the ? for each centre.
    I don't know exactly what it is these centers do, that you'll be reporting on?
    (Are they breeding chickens, are they answering support calls, are they making automobiles, are they?????)

    But none-the-less, let me call a 'centre' a business unit for your business. So you have the headquarters, and the business units (or centres).

    Do they 'group' each centre into a region? Many companies or organizations do you know?

    Since I don't know what data you're really tracking, or what it is the centre's do? It is hard to say how difficult it is to store in one database. I can say this most companies want the productivity from their business units aggregated into one database for reporting purposes, accounting purposes, etc.

    However..... the size of this task depends on the company. If your company is IBM, and you have business units all over the world engaged in different facets of business, this is no small feat.

    It is possible, most certainly !!!!
    Please, tell some more.


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    Web Based Centre Management

    First of all tq for ur reply. Following are the details of the centres.
    The organization is actually a tuition centre.They have around 120 centres all over Malaysia (divided by region) with total of 15,000 students (the centre is actually quite small). All the centres conduct tuition clasess according to courses. They handle student record (personal details,student progress management), tutor record and etc.

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