We've been running a huge program on FoxBase+/Mac for 15 years. It
works great just as is, but we're trying to upgrade everyone to new Mac
hardware running OSX/Classic 9.2.2. Our programs run fine in Classic 9.2.2, BUT only one computer can access the files on the server at a time. All others receive a "File does not exist" message until the current user logs off.
The Fox SET EXCLUSIVE OFF command is supposed to permit multiple simultaneous users of a file (and always worked for us under OS 7, 8, and 9); but no matter what we've done under Classic 9.2.2, the DISPLAY STATUS command tells us the file becomes locked for EXCLUSIVE access as soon as anyone logs on.
Anyone get any ideas??? Please email me directly at mensadoc@aol.com if you post a response on this forum.
Thank you, THANK YOU!!!!

PS: I know how wonderful Filemaker 7 is supposed to be, but the prospect of having to rewrite our huge library of programs and dozens of printing formats is daunting, especially since it's all been running rock-solid under OS 8 for years.