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    Unanswered: Connection strings / Changing servers


    This may be a simple task for some, and I am hoping it is.

    Basically, I have ASP pages which reference 2 SQL server names SERVERA and SERVERB.
    Now I have migrated all of the databases onto one new server called SERVERC.

    I have replaced all instanced of SERVERA and SERVERB with SERVERC although I cannot seem to connect to anything to get my reports. users are the same.

    Can anyone think of anything serverside which may need to be done?

    Thank you

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    Couple of things:

    1. are you receiving any error messages and if so what are they? if you have On Error Resume, try turning it off to see if you do get an error.
    2. does your sql user have the proper rights to get the needed data?
    3. Have you verified in query analyzer that the data is there that you are expecting in the result of your report? Try recreating the queries or exec the Stored Procs in query analyzer as a test.
    4. As a simple test, do a simple "select top 1 column1 from table1" in a test page and see if that would work.

    If I think of anything else to try, I'll post it.


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    Everything should be fine.
    It's basically a backup and restore from one server to another of databases, the ASP should stay the same - except the change in server names.

    ASP test shows "connection open" when I test, although on SQL Trace, there's nothing open.

    The user can query the db in query analyser, so that doesn't seem an issue.

    I'm really stumped

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