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Thread: Db2 on aix

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    Unanswered: Db2 on aix

    Recently I have changed my job. My company has only solaris OS.
    I am looking to buy a used/refurbish RS/6000 for my personnal use as DB2 DBA.
    I checked at the ebay for RS/6000 7044-170, cost around 450.
    The other thing is that I may need to add more storage to it, like
    SAA, raid adapter.Probabily will buy another RS/6000 and will make an
    Any body has done that before.

    Also any information about monitor/cables will be very helpful

    I have checked the forum , but find similar issue, discussed but not that specific.



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    I have seen some 'vendors' on ebay who do the monitor also for these used boxes or atleast if you get in touch with the seller, they may help you ...

    I had considered buying a AIX and/or Solaris boxes in the past ... My concern was about the OS upgrades ... As new versions of DB2 come in, ibm does not support older versions of the OS ... Not sure if this is a valid concern, but I did have it, but never had a chance to further investigate into ...

    But, yes, it is definitely a very good idea to own a few RS/6000 boxes ...

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