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    Unanswered: M:M Form / Design question.

    Hello again,

    I'm trying to design a form to deal with a junction table.

    My tables are as follows:

    VendorOption(VendorOptionID, VendorOptionName)
    MachineDetail(DetailID, other stuff to do with the sale...)
    VendorDetail(VendorOptionID, DetailID, OptionCost)

    What I want is a form that will allow our sales folk to check off the vendor options they want for a particular sale.

    What I can't do is figure out what recordset to use, since I basically want checkboxes that are tied to the VendorDetail table. How can I do this without subforms?

    I need to do this for another kind of option as well... grrrrr.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


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    To get a little more specific... what it looks like I need is:

    -The main form (with recordset Detail) which basically just has DetailID and the name of the customer and machine. (this I can do)

    -A subform that displays all the possible vendor options (this I can do as well)

    -Something that takes these values and inserts them in VendorDetail table.

    Am I doomed to VBA with a lot of variables for this? And then a SQL command to insert into a table?

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    For something like this, you might consider another way to enter the choices. I have never been able to figure out a satisfactory way of doing what you are trying to do with check boxes. My suggestion is to try it with two list boxes. Have one that shows all the choices, then show one that shows what has been selected. It is similar to the List Box wizard. When you are telling it what fields to include in the List Box (when it is based on a table or query) there is a list of available fields and a list of selected fields.

    It can be alot of code, so if you aren't comfortable with VBA then it might be difficult to implement. But for me it has worked for the situations I needed it for.

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    That's not a bad idea, but it sounds like it would confuse my sales guys.
    We need simple simple looking things

    I'm working on using checkboxes somehow.....
    does anyone have a good resource for learning how to reference recordsets in vba?

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