We a have a database that runs a website now this live database is replicated to our client office that has a merge replication going every 30 minutes.

Now about a month ago they asked me to take off the replication and change a couple of the fields to NOT NULL and then set the replicaton back up. Now what I did was:

1: check that the replication had successful run.
2: delete the replication
3: make the changes
4: start a new merge replication, that would do a snap shot over their copy with our copy and then start merging everything 30 minute.
5: watch it to make sure that the merge replicatoin was working okay.

Now we had a data problem that had just turn up now and they think it was cause by the time we change the replication.

The problme was some of the data looks like it was from the wrong time, around 5 days before the replication was swapped over. To me the replication swap over seem fairly straight forward but I cannot rpove any o this because it was so long ago and the merge repliction table no longer has the data in it.

Now they have look though the SQL Log, and it has row in it like
' Starting up database 'BHPCopy'.' .

Now the resone they say they think their is something wrong with the replication is because their is no Starting up database entery for between 1:30 and 3:30 which is the time we did the replication swap over, the first time it reports this is at 6:00. Does anyone know why this woudl be? The log is on their machine not to live box (also the publisher).

Please help. Ed