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    Unanswered: This Code Worked Until Tab Control Added

    I used the code below to determine a selection of records in a sub-form.

    It works perfectly - Until I added a tab Control to the form with the sub-form on the first page - now the code does not work.

    Does anyone know what needs to be changed to refer to this sub-form now that it is on a Tab control?

    here is the link to the site where I originally got the code.

    Thanks- AB

    'form declarations
    Private mlngSelTop As Long
    Private mlngSelheight As Long

    Private Sub cmdSubFormSelected_Click()
    Dim strX As String
    Dim intI As Integer

    ' substitute my_subform with your subform name
    With Me.my_subform.Form.RecordsetClone
    .Move mlngSelTop - 1
    intI = 1
    Do Until intI > mlngSelheight
    'building string of selected records
    'substitute control_name with your field name
    strX = strX & intI & ": " & !control_name & vbNewLine
    intI = intI + 1
    End With
    'Me.my_subform.Form.SelTop = mlngSelTop
    'Me.my_subform.Form.SelHeight = mlngSelheight
    MsgBox strX

    End Sub

    Private Sub my_subform_Exit(Cancel As Integer)
    mlngSelTop = Me.my_subform.Form.SelTop
    mlngSelheight = Me.my_subform.Form.SelHeight
    End Sub

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    I Found the Problem!

    I found the problem - when I pasted the sub-form on the Tab Control, there was an onExit Event procedure on the sub-form that needed to be reset - works fine now! whew!!


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