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    I want to do something but dont know how.
    I have a sheet that have the date for the inventory for the products In and out from the inventory(sheet2)
    i want to make another sheet(sheet1) in which i Enter in it the data and it shows the data in the other sheet after i click the enter button
    for example i want a sheet that have a cell to write the date and a cell to write the number of the order in or out and a drop down to choose the type of the order if it it in or out also a drop down to choose the customer name and different cells for the quantity of the products then all that should appear in the other sheet ...after i click on the enter button

    Any one understood any thing ?

    picture for sheet 1:

    Sheet 2:

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    This will need code to do this in excel, as it looks like a database would it be better to do this project in access and you can always link to access via excel for reporting purposes, but back to the matter in hand, what hae you done so far have you coded anything yet or filled the comboboxes

    To make this look cleaner why not put your input on a form,
    when this pops up fill in the data and run code to input these values to the lastrow of your worksheet, with a select case on your combobox for type to determine location

    give it a go and post what you have and well sort it out for you ive given you sn idea of what you need.

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