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    Unanswered: Problem with a searcher, help.

    Greetings and thanks for the great information that we can find in these forums

    to solve our doubts. But I have a problem and I have not been able to find solution, I

    hope somebody can help me. This is the problem:

    I want to create a searcher. In a form a user can enter a keyword that will look for

    in the data base. A field type varchar(100) that contains key words like: "car,

    travels, clothes"

    This is my query:

    mysql_connect("localhost","root","") or die ("No pude conectarme"); 
    mysql_select_db("mibase") or die("No puedo acceder a la base de datos"); 
    // This is the query 
    $res=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `mitabla` WHERE `$campo` LIKE '%$palabra_clave%' "); 
    echo "No se encontraron registros Registros"; 
    echo "Nombre: ".$nd[nombre]." puesto: " .$nd[puesto]. 
    " conocimientos: ".$nd[conocimientos]."
    echo "
    Numero de registros: ".$con.""; 

    This works partly. The search only gives back three records although the key word is

    in more. Which is the problem?

    thx for all sincerely
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